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What is Doping?

Doping is the use of prohibited substances or prohibited methods to enhance an athlete's performance and concealing or attempting to conceal such use. There are a wide range of performance-enhancing substances and methods and, in line with scientific advancements, they are becoming increasingly diversified, sophisticated and ingenious. These substances and methods are prohibited under world anti-doping regulations.

Why is Doping Wrong?

The concepts of self-achievement, fair play and teamwork are an integral part of sport, and these values constitute a major part of the fascination and attraction of sport for many people. However, doping causes immeasurable damage to the values, integrity and attraction of sport. In addition, taking substances and utilising methods that have been originally developed for entirely different purposes can pose major health risks.

Finally, doping is an anti-social act that betrays the trust of the spectators and sponsors who have supported an athlete, and when that athlete is competing on behalf of his/her country, it betrays a nation's hopes. In recent times, institutional doping has become a major issue which has transcended the confines of the sporting world and has led to a massive loss of public trust in the integrity of sport.

What is Anti-Doping?

Anti-doping constitutes a range of activities aimed at eliminating doping in sport, as well as protecting clean athletes and the integrity and values of sport. To this end, it is the duty of all related personnel, not only the athletes, to concern themselves with and promote anti-doping activities.

On the 1st of January 2021, a new world anti-doping code came into effect. From this date Sport Ireland and those who have adopted Sport Ireland rules must comply with their responsibilities under the new code. This includes the IAWA and its members and affiliated clubs. The policy of the Irish Amateur Wrestling Association is that doping is contrary to the spirit of FAIR PLAY and all members have a responsibility to ensure that our sport is free of doping.